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I need help: Cash Business

I need everyone's help with something. I want to put together a fairly targeted post about how to handle finances in a principally cash business/industry. What I was hoping my amazing readership could help me with is to put me in contact with those people who deal in mainly cash. I'm talking they are paid in cash and they do their paying in cash. I could sit atop my ivory tower and talk in generalities about the dangers of having to much cash and the opportunity costs associated with not putting it to work for you, but that's been way to overdone - and kind of boring.

The reason for the need to talk to people is because I want to try to put together a tip list that is actionable and actually do-able. I really want to make this a post that you can dive into, try some stuff out and find some results. So here are a few suggestions to get your networking juices flowing. If you have anyone in the:

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Delivery/Currier
  • Bars or Clubs
  • Cleaning Business
  • Small Deli's, Bakeries, Food Services 
  • Waitstaff, Valets, Bell Hop's (if they still make mostly tips)
  • Professional Nannies

I'm sure there are jobs out there that I haven't listed but you get the idea. I want this post to be more than the already helpful post on putting your money in the bank or in a sock drawer. Please, please, please email me or leave idea's in the comments below. I'd love to reach out to as many different people and jobs as possible. My goal is to offer a little real world advice to groups of people who might have reservations about financial professionals and the financial industry - or just didn't think it was right for them.

Thanks for the help and I hope we make this post a good one!

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Reader Comments (4)

What about artists/crafters?

November 14, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTerra

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March 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBusiness Cash Advance

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