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Consult Corner: Don’t Forget a Copywriter!

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Summary: In the course of running a business, you’ll hire many different consultants to assist with different aspects, such as financial matters, web design, and legal work.  One overlooked area is marketing copy, however.  Hiring a good copywriter can boost your business’s image and attract new clients, helping your business reach its full potential.

Hiring outside consultants makes business sense.  After all, if you’re focused on running your business, you know that you can’t wear all the hats.  You hire a business consultant to streamline your operations and advise you how to achieve your business goals.  An accountant prepares your taxes and finds deductions that you might otherwise miss.  A lawyer incorporates your business and files annual reports.  A designer creates your website, since most people search for information on companies on the Internet.  Finally, a copywriter writes the copy on your website, creates brochures, and advises you on value-adds you can offer to clients and prospective clients.

 A copywriter is a professional writer who communicates the features and benefits of your business to clients and potential clients through brochures, website copy, direct mailings, and newsletters.  Additionally, a copywriter can create “extras” to hand out to your prospects, such as brochures that relate to your business.  For example, a contractor could hand out a brochure detailing the construction process, or an estates attorney could provide a brochure explaining the probate system.  A copywriter can also write press releases to get media coverage for your business, white papers that further explain the benefits of a particular product or service, newsletters to send to clients and prospective clients, copy describing your products in a catalogue, and even business letters, sales letters, and emails.

 The intangible benefits of hiring a copywriter abound.  Since you’re hiring a professional writer, you can be assured that your copy is clean, grammatically correct, and well-written.  Your business’s image benefits from well-written copy, and clients will feel confident coming to you, whether it’s to build cabinets or build their retirement portfolios, because your marketing copy reflects your competence.  If you work in a field with a lot of lingo, such as law, a copywriter can communicate your ideas to clients in language they can understand.

 Well-written copy brings your business to the next level.  Your business consultant has laid out this fantastic plan, and you can bring that to fruition by having marketing materials that reflect the benefits of your company.  Hire a copywriter and see the difference great copy can make for your business!

 Bio: Christine Parizo is the principal of Christine Parizo Communications (, a full-service copywriting firm geared toward helping businesses find their voices.  Christine has a unique way of finding the right words to market products and services gleaned from nearly two decades of writing and editing experience

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