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How's that plan going?

I am back from a bit of an unintentional sabbatical. Upon my return I flipped through my business plans and trackers, both short and long term, to get a sense of where I was professionally. I wanted to take some time and throw a few questions out there for my readers to ponder and reflect on, if I have any left that is.

How are all the summer savings plans going? Did you have a summer budget? I had a bit of both as well as an earnings goal I’m still shooting for with my company. Between working, weekend barbecues and hanging out with those we care about it’s easy to set aside all the good intentions and plans made early in the summer. I can honestly admit that I fell victim to the summer time shuffle myself. One of the major factors was my new appointment as a college professor. In all my excitement I buried myself in developing curriculum and screening texts for my upcoming semester. Summer is half over and we are well past the half way mark on the 2010 calendar year. Crack open those plans and budgets, re-evaluate, and jump back on the horse (if you fell off like I did).

Are you still doing what you love? Fall is a heavy hiring season for all kind of businesses and it’s important to take advantage so a possible career change opportunities that leave you unemployed the shortest amount of time. This is a great time of year to sit back in your work chairs and think about your future in the current career or path you’re in. We are all looking forward to weekends and getaways but if that’s the only thing motivating you through the week you might have a problem. Is your resume up to date? How are your interviewing skills? If you are entertaining the idea of a possible work change make sure you are prepared intellectually, emotionally, and financially before you submit that notice.

How are those investable assets doing? Markets are on a technical tear these days and over the last few weeks and for the next few coming up it’ll be important to evaluate your portfolio. Are you half way to your goal for the year? It’s ok if you aren’t because you still have time to make allocation changes, contribution changes, and still make a run for hitting your marks by December. Gas prices have started creeping up again as well, so energy plays could be exciting now that BP finally has decent news coming out amidst all the oil spill coverage. (Just a little food for thought.)

Those were pretty much the larger topics I wanted to make sure I touched. I know this post is a little on the lighter side but I wanted to put the ball in your court. In the comments section it would be great if you all let me know how your summers were going. Are you still on track or did you get a little distracted like I did. Feel free to share tips or tricks that have kept you focused between all the beach trips, family outings, and weekend parties.

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