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Top 5 Overlooked Blog Start-Up Tips

As part of the business coaching that I do I always encourage people to start their own blogs. Instead of opening this post up with a list of why you should have started your blog already I’d argue that it’s harder to ask why you haven’t. Everyone has something they are good at or that they really like, and everyone has their own opinion. Blogs are an amazing way to stand up and be heard or to make yourself available as the amazing resource you secretly are. Now I hope these aren’t the tired and played out tips that every one is trying to get across as the must-do’s to blogging (Thu's guest post is amazing). What I’m shooting for are real actionable things that will help get you exposed and keep you honest. Theory and concept are great but it’s these little things that we all can do that will keep people engaged and continue to create value.
Before any of that can start though you need a platform - this one that I use is Squarespace and I learned about it from watching all the webshows on Revision 3. I'm not afraid to let you all see into my inner nerd because I like shows like Diggnation and Tekzilla. In fact it's actually where I pick up a lot of great tech advice that sometimes ends up here - so they're really inspiring even :) I'm not saying and linking to these sites because I get some kind of kick back, because I don't. I just wanted to give you all a peak at the stuff I check in on every week. 

1. Start filling your RSS feeder. Even before you sit down to write your first blog post search the web for the community of bloggers that already exists that are writing about similar topics. It might even be the exact same topic but from different points of view, it’s ok. When you start commenting and linking back to your site you are giving people the opportunity to learn a little bit about you and the path way to learn a lot more if they choose to. Now I’m not saying go out and spam comment every blog you come across but offering unique and insightful feedback is a great way to get yourself established in your niche. I’ve been blogging about a year now and I try to visit as many other blogs as I can to leave a little feedback everyday.

2. Don’t just have a plan - have a weekly posting schedule. If you intend to write everyday that’s great, so do I. Do I actually write everyday, no. What I do stick to (or try my best to) is to post three times a week. By having a schedule of when new content goes up your readership will have the opportunity to expect your content and then subconsciously fit it into their own schedules. If you do start writing everyday out of the gate that’s great! Save those posts and build a little bit of a writing bank up - then you can auto post or be able to honor your schedule in the event you have a busy week and can’t sit and create.

3. Don’t just have a written voice - mix it up. Try to mix up your medium for conveying the message you are trying to get out to the world. It’s so easy these days to integrate sound and media even in the simplest of blog formats. Text and pictures are great but people will keep coming back if they not only like the content but they like you the individual. Don’t be afraid of the video blog or audio podcast they can really enhance your readerships experience.

4. Work on your digital community. Think of your subscribers-to-be and returning readers as a community (Thu really is the expert here at her blog) and not so much as an audience. When people have the opportunity to leave feedback or help in the growth/direction of a blog it creates a sense of ownership. That ability to have stake in something digital will make your readers more likely to want to share your content with their spheres of influence because they are proud to have had a hand in your development. It happens in real life as well with community advocacy groups and even in neighborhood watch. When readers or neighbors take an interest in something they can participate in, and really make a difference, they become the biggest proponents of them.

5. Everyone likes free stuff. This one is kind of a no brainer but it’s worth mentioning right out of the gate. There are authors all over the world looking to get their books out in any niche you can think of. So, offer review services and contests to give away those books. I’ve done it personally with finance writers and get a great turnout from them. Contests are another way to get your community (that you are now building) engaged and a chance to get something tangible for the mere cost of their time. You should probably get started on something of your own to give away, a report, how-to guide, or even an essay. Anything that gets eyes on more of your content and that offers a legitimate value to your community will help to strengthen your presence as a reliable resource online. I'm not in the medical field but one of my favorite ebooks is by Dr. Dean from The Millionaire Nurse Blog - go get it to see why! 

This is the complete list by any means. When you are blogging or thinking about blogging planning, brainstorming, and designing are all very important in the process. Those are things that lead you to the final product that is your blog and why people will keep coming back. When you are in those developmental processes though don’t forget about the five things I’ve listed above. Those are the little extras that will help to differentiate you from everyone else that signs up for a free account somewhere that just ends up taking up cyber-space.


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Thanks for your support Nunzio! It is nice for your hard work to be appreciated!

January 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDr Dean

Blog Start-Up Tips are simply awesome, I read them all. I come to know many unique informative information which i will use.Words are going to end now. Your blog its quite interesting. i like the combination between creativity and the creative process.

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