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Show Me The Money-tization?! 

Where ever you turn these days there is a ton about developing your brand. Whether you are a student getting ready to find your first "real job" or a brick and mortar business looking to get in on the geo-locating-social-media wave claiming a little piece of the Internet is all to important. The average non personal brand or tech savvy person could never understand that developing a brand in the beginning really is a labor of love. As I am typing this, on my iPad because I'm super hip - not at all, I checked into Foursquare to find out that three other Foursquare users also checked in within the hour. What I'm getting at here is that you should be taking advantage of or at least setting yourself up for some ways to earn a little extra money in the time that you are already putting into nurturing your online presence. My goal for this post is to share what I've had pretty good experiences with and resources that might be yielding trickles of income now, that have potential for opening up the online income taps. Trust me there is no magic bullet nor am I even remotely a success. I'm just excited to see wheat little I am trickle in and work hard every day to try to grow it.

Blogs - There is an overload of info when it comes to monetizing your blog. I'm not even attempting to scratch the surface. What I will share are a few starting points. I really like programs like Pay Per Post and Google Adsense. Before you go rifling through the Internet looking for cheap banner and side bar ads to put up you should consider programs like these. The success of these two correlate to the traffic you bring to your website. Pay Per Post offers opportunities to create targeted content based on your niche for money and Adsense pays based on views and activity on their ads embedded in your site. If you are new to the blogsphere then it will be a pretty slow start but it gets worth it once you start to increase those numbers.

Twitter - For Twitter I use another Izea property, like Pay Per Post called Sponsored Tweets. They will compensate you for adding sponsored content to your twitter feed. You have the ability to set your own price per tweet or have the system set one for you. I would suggest having the system start you off. It pays and recommends offers based on the size and engagement of your following.

Fiverr - This is not the most lucrative but has the best shot at paying off right out of the gate. Basically you offer goods or services for literally $5. It's neat because you can put virtually anything and if you poke around a bit you will find some very useful and very ridiculous stuff. People rate you and your service and the better you deliver the more attention you get. Fiverr has the ability to link to various social media sites so there is no shortage of ways that you can spread the word.

That should be more than enough to keep you busy for a while. Make sure that whatever services you sign up for you give love too! Nothing worse than spending serious time getting a profile set up and then never ever making mention of it again. Make sure that you take full advantage of the web of social networks to give your monetization efforts their best chance at being seen and taking advantage of. 


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