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Did you get Rapture'd?

I'm still activley looking for advertisers for Financially Digital. I'm looking for reputable businesses who would like to enjoy the benefit of being affiliated with an equally reputable content producer. I've turned down a lot of less than adequate requests but I will be starting the next round of posted ads soon. Please email me for details. Thanks! 

What can the Rapture teach you about small business or financial coaching. I actually gave this a little more thought than I should have - or should admit. What it all came down to for me was, what happens in the aftermath. We all have fear and doubts. You’re afraid you'll never save enough to buy a house, spend too much online shopping, or to take the risks needed to make your side-business your full-time business. Why do we do it? All this rapture stuff boils down to a piece of biblical text interpreted a certain way and if that’s how you believe then you are all set - if not it was supposed to be probably the worst thing ever for the rest of us. From a Financially Digital stand point though those old sayings about savings, archaic lessons of prudent business ventures, and that pessimistic group think type rapture is what keeps you from doing what you want and are very capable of. Here are a few big correlations that came to me as the Rapture has come...and gone.

1.) Is it really ever as bad as you think it could be. Small businesses are born and die all the time. Usually by the hands of the same few truly innovative entrepreneurs. It’s when you think it can’t get any worse that something really great can be forged. Plus your worst case scenario really isn’t more than a detour a few months/years financially. It takes a lot of serious and conscious effort to ruin your financial situation for the long haul. The worst thing I could think of is letting that entrepreneurial spirit fade - just keep trying until you find your fit.

2.) Don’t drink the Kool Aide. Your core beliefs and value systems are what make you unique. You should absolutely hold on to and cherish them. Heck, you should share them with others if it helps them be a better person too. What you shouldn’t do is try to hand me a pamphlet as I’m walking down the street. What you shouldn’t do is tell me what I NEED/HAVE to do to be saved. In your small businesses you should reflect on how you are spreading your message. Are you positioning yourself as a resource or are you spamming a Facebook stream constant ads - if it’s the latter I will definitely start to ignore you. Spammers will always get ignored but it’s those businesses that continue to add value and develop relationships that will have the best shot of surviving a rapture like event.

3.) Your end of days. When you are planning (personal finance/business) you should always have the end in mind but don’t lose track of the journey. I know that sounds a little hokey but it’s true. Good plans have big goals and then are broken down into smaller digestible bits - I’ve written it here a number of times. It’s not just about getting to the end of your To-Do list though. What are your exit plans or  your scalability ones. How will you grow your business or your personal finance situation once you reach where you think you want to be. There is always more room when you continue to move up. If that means positioning your firm so that it can operate flawlessly while you’re there or not (what I teach people to do) or you want to move on from financial planning of you life and into helping future generations. It’s always important to take a step back and get the 30,000 foot high view of what you want for yourself. I think it should happen at least once a year.

We all worry. Worrying can be a motivation sometimes, but it's counterproductive when you worry to extremes. Like I tried to say above already - how bad is bad...really? Is it really more uncomfortable or less than ideal than earth shattering life change? When you put it in perspective decisions get easier and easier to make and when we are talking about goals coming to fruition that's where the magic is. So take a look at you week's To-Do list. Is there anything on there that you are really worried about? If there is think about how you can make it manageable by spreading it out over a few days. What might be the worst possible scenario if you failed - I'm pretty sure your world wouldn't come to an end. If it did though you best hope it was because a real life Rapturing, lol. 


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Reader Comments (3)

Great lead in "Don't Drink the Kool Aide" The upside is their passes will be good for the 2012 gathering which is supposed to have better acts and entertainment. If their local bank has a good rate on a CD then they should consider a 5 yrs plan to maximize their return when they return. If they are not all that pleased with their bank now or then they should visit and consider a Rapture Bank.

May 24, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterbankalchemist

"Don't drink the kool-aid" funny! In addition to business I'd have to say that is completely true about selecting stocks as well. Think for yourself.

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