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Small Business Week: All about the Process

After you get your thoughts out of your head and on to some paper or your white boards it’s time to start developing. One side note though - if you are already seeing clients/customers or making your widgets keep on keepin’ on. These steps or tips are designed to either help you start or to help streamline what you’ve already got going on. When I say developing I mean the development of systems to keep your business moving forward. What I’m going to outline are a few tips for some global systems you will be bumping into and need to make specific for what you are doing.

Sausage Chickens by Doug SavageAs an entrepreneur you need to have a really strong handle on your cash flow information right out of the gate. Even if you feel like there isn’t any cash flow to manage yet you still need to have a plan. If you are already selling or seeing clients/customers on a more freelance basis you should still be using some form of an invoice. This is why I love Freshbooks so, so much! Something like Freshbooks is free for your first three clients so there is really no reason not to try it. (Not to sound like a plug honestly) Having a system for recording costs, time, and costs of production is really important even in the early stages. You need to be able to gather this information and present it for a battery of things from taxes to your own internal rate of return benchmarks.

Inventory and creation processes are next up. These are the hows of what people pay you to do. In order to be as cost effective as possible you are going to want repeatable and predictable instructions to follow for the products or services you offer. The reason for this is because you won’t have to waste time, energy, or resources at every selling opportunity. If you bake cakes and sell them on the side then it’s important to know exactly how much of each ingredient goes into each recipe. It’s important to know how fast you burn through inventory at your current levels of production so that you can try to predict when you need to refill or try to buy up to the next level of scale, ie buying ingredients from the local grocer (more expensive per unit) or buying from a wholesaler or even just a Costco (less expensive per unit) The more focused your mission and scope of services are the more focused your deliverables can be - so you aren’t shooting from the hip at every new sale.

Information processes are my last tip. Information flow is just as important as cash flow for a business. How are you getting your message out? How are people learning about what you do? How are you filtering communications in or out? The more of a schedule and a routine you have down the less time the Internet and emails will steal from your day. Learn to do things like “batch” emails - try checking a few times a day and not when your notification bar rings. Learn to organize so that if you do have something to deal with immediately that you deal with it and move on and not get lost in your inbox. Social media is an amazing and important tool - it’s how your brand communicates with the world. Set up specific times to engage and try to prepare so that you aren’t spending consecutive hours in Twitter and Facebook. I’m a little guilty of this myself - with the advent of smartphones and the iPad I carry pretty much everywhere I am always connected. So I try to limit myself to a few minutes at a time every few hours - and sometimes that works :) I have a lot to say I guess. How information flows through a business is important too! Don’t let paper work just pile up because the longer something sits the bigger the chance you will lose track of the details and what actually needed to happen for proper filing/processing/follow up. Bad information handling leads to bad cash handling, even loss of potential cash flows.

If you want other people to start taking you seriously then you have to take your business seriously!

That wraps up the second installment of Small Business week. Hopefully something here got you a little excited and motivated to think about how you can improve what you are doing. There are other processes that are important too - like managing people processes but we will save that for another day :) One of my favorite books on the topic of automation is the 4 Hour Work Week - a must read!


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