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Top 3 Social Media Tips and Update

Happy Monday!

Last week was a complete blur for me and I imagine a few of you out there with the short week. I wanted to start this week off with a bit of an update and then talk a little about how you use social media.

First the update. I am very excited about a closed seminar I am doing this week and that’s kind of the inspiration for the content part of this post - it’s for the fine group of entrepreneurs that are working with or connected to Wake Up Coaching. I am going to be speaking on the importance of using all the tools you have at your fingertips to help not just separate you from the herd but how to help you engage and monetize. I’m also in the process of designing some new products/services to go along with my increased speaking engagements. Kind of like an entrepreneurs start-up kit and the first 100 or so will have a little something special added in the CD case. As far as what else is new I’m going to start doing Live Coaching sessions online in shorter time blocks using Skype, Gchat, or whatever your video chat preference might be (most likely Skype though). They are intended to kind of be the speed dating of coaching - you might have an issue or a concern that you are stumped at and need someone to help you push through it. I’m going to start them off in 30 min and 60 min sessions and I think it will be a good way for people to have access to me that don’t have to commit days or weeks to a project. Short and sweet - with potential for ongoing support - just like speed dating....maybe that’s what I’ll call it..speed dating your small business issues...hmmm I don’t think I like that now that I’ve seen it lol.

Image from www.telezent.comI wanted to offer a few real social media tips to help people to create meaningful encounters while they are exploring all the options that social media has to offer. Here are my Top 3 Tips for Using Social Media.

1. MOST IMPORTANT - Stop SPAMMING! This is one of my biggest pet peeves and no matter how many times I offer this advice there are a few businesses that I know of that won’t quit. People have literally started to ignore them - as in no longer showing up in their feeds/streams. I’m all for positioning your brand online and letting people know about all the great stuff you have going on. But if you are only copy and pasting the same three or four messages every few days then people will start skipping over them. You are training people to ignore you!

2. Be a resource. Take a look at your business or what you are passionate about. How can you share information or give away content that would be helpful or interesting to your readership? Connecting with your audience in a meaningful way is so important. Don’t think that just because you are in business you should be charging for everything! Sharing content and trade related information is a way for you to not only build credibility in your field but to really offer value to the people that visit your site - also gives them an incentive to keep coming back. So offering content in a blog, video, or content is really a great way to position yourself as the expert/resource you know you are. Showing up is more then half that battle too - making sure that you are on some kind of schedule helps to create a rythm of expectations for people to keep checking in.

3. Encourage engagement. No one is an island of information on to themselves - and no one wants to see you talking about yourself all the time. Get your audience to help in offering them to contribute. Social media is a great platform for sharing and cultivating relationships - so do just that. Reach out and encourage your audiences to reach out to you. If there are other people championing similar causes to yours then join up and get that message spread out over an even larger audiences. This also provides a catalyst for strategic relationships - you never know what you might create next. Engaging also shows people that you are actually listening and validates the experience. It’s not secret that people love to be heard and to be acknowledged so make sure you are using your platform to do just that.

Hopefully keeping these three things in mind will help you up your impact-game. If you are reading this and will be at this weeks seminar then this is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media is really a great space to get out there and interact but make sure you have the time and the energy - or are paying someone that does. The average Tweet stays in someones feed about 4 seconds which is not a very big window so making sure your contacts are engaging and constant is what it takes to be successful.


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