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Easy High Paying Jobs

I think it's a universal to say that we all try to maximize our returns with the a minimal level of effort. That effort might be a physical laborious one, an emotional stressful one, or just a overly demanding one. In trying to find the right career or job path a few of the many things you have to balance are your passions, strengths, and sanity. So in this video Santino and I talk (loosely) about some of the "easiest" high paying jobs in the US currently. When we say easy I don't mean that just any one can do them. I understand that for most of them it could take years of courses and training. I am NOT diminishing the quality of the work - just outlining that it's not exactly heavy lifting once you are in those positions. We all have stress, some people just have to manage their stress while earning a nice paycheck and in fun conditions. 

This list was compiled by CNBC and the link to it is in the show notes. If you think you have an easy high paying job I would love to hear about it. Or if you have one of these jobs and it's the toughest thing you have ever done I would also love to hear about it. At the very least I hope the video gives you some ideas and makes you chuckle a little bit. 

Enjoy! And don't forget to share, like and subscribe! 


Is the Internet Ruining Your Brain?!

I came across this inforgraphic and had to share it. Mostly, because we can't talk about productivity without talking about the elephant in the room - it's a big, borderline billion page-network internet elephant. There have been a multitude of arguments about restricting your internet access at work. Will it help keep you focused? Or, are you showing signs of depression beacuse of your forced break in conneciton with the rest of the world?! This infographic does a pretty neat job of showing you what the internet is actually doing to your brain. If you are an employer it can be a delicate dance juggling internet access with trying to get the most out of your employees. 

Take a look at the infographic and then reflect about your own personal use. I can honestly say that there are times with the web definitely eats up more time then it should - actually costing me productivity and dollars. I'm working on it though :) 

Do you think you can curb your habbits to make yourself more productive? If being on the web is your job I would love to hear about how you keep yourself on task and focused? 

Save & Close


Facebook buys Instagram for $1 Billion

You thought I forgot about you! I made a video today but was just really late to edit. Here it is though all about the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. It's even under three minutes. If you like it make sure you like, subscribe and heck even share! Thanks for supporting me during Vlog Everyday April..even though I've missed a day or two :) 


Consulting Industry Not's and No-No's


I love what I do. I get to help people and small businesses find and reach their goals. It’s not always pretty or consistent but I feel like I make a genuine difference. This industry, the coaching and advising world, is extremely competitive and is always being scrutinized. Especially when there are more consultants than ever before - thanks to a volatile economic climate and legions of displaced experts are now trying to make it on their own. As a consultant you are constantly having to prove your worth first, way before anyone even thinks about engaging you. I am OK with that - I really am. That’s the stuff that just comes with the territory. The things that I hate aren’t that different from what retailers hate when “counterfeit” or “knock off” enter the conversation. So this post is going to be all about me. All about the things that I’ve seen and am not a fan of, really. I am not taking any personal shots at anyone or any company just a slightly biased analysis of the things I have seen. Also to hopefully help you stay on alert when you are shopping around for an “expert” or “guru” to supercharge your finance/business environment. 
First on my Luter-esque list is the bulldog. The bulldog is a sales relic from decades past that tries to get you to commit to a sale with an information shock-and-awe type approach. It’s like getting hit with a yes-or-no type mortars until you are emotional and rhetorically cornered. I am a firm believer (maybe even naive) in educating and letting a sale or engagement happen from there. Who am I to tell you what you need? But bulldogs have also found their way onto the web in the form of 10-15 minute long sales pages or youtube videos that get you so scared about an issue you can’t help but think that you should engage. When you are shopping around be on the lookout for bulldogs. If you do come across one - stand your ground. Don’t let their quota or commission pressures get the best of you.
Next come the cliches. Cliches are great but if you are working with someone and all they provide you with is one cliche solution after another then you really need to think about that working relationship. With whatever your needs, odds are there will be some kind of format to a solution. Business plans can only be written in so many ways with so many variations. Houses can only be built with so many raw materials. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the provider of a good or service that takes no time to get to know your needs, value, and situation and just provides you with a cookie cutter turn key solution. My favorites to hate on here are “financial advisors” - not a blanket statement, just calling out the lazy ones. Lazy advisors have the tendency to sometimes just repackage information. Maybe it came from a sales meeting or maybe they read it in a trade. Either way they are probably repeating the same sage advice to every one of their client interactions that day. Think about your interactions with the professionals you deal with. If their solutions don’t include any of the uniqueness of your situation then you might want to have a talk about the success rates of their past endeavors. Cliches are cliches for a reason - statistically they have to work at least some of the time. Oh, and don’t forget you have to spend money to make money...kidding?!  
The last on this list is professionals that claim to be all things to all people. If you are a large firm with employees that are specialized that’s one thing. But how can you have the time and the resources to be a one stop shop as a one man shop. I know because it’s something that I tried to do everything my first few weeks out 6 years ago. That didn’t last too long because I was finding I couldn’t deliver on what I promised. So I specialized and have been happier and more productive ever since. Finding someone that can efficiently help you with your needs is important because as a customer your allocating time and resources to making a situation better. Lastly, working with someone that is focused helps to insure that they are on top of all the latest trends and metrics within their industry - so you are ideally always getting the best and most current advice. It wouldn’t make sense if you hired a web design firm and they built you a site with just all text and designed for the Mosaic browser...what’s Mosaic you ask? Exactly. 
So now you’ve seen all the things that force me to grind my teeth a little every time they come up in conversation. I love being a resource for people and even helping them find the right resource if I’m not it. It literally pains me to hear stories about people working with consultants and having bad results - thereby swearing off the whole institution entirely. Remember though consultants can help help with the set up, tracking, strategizing and solution creation..the execution is always predicated on the client :)  
Have you had any bad experiences working with consultants? I would love to hear about them!




Incentives and Motivations - Oh My! VEDA 3

Here's today's VEDA Vlog 3. It's all about incentives and motivations. What we offer to the people that we interact with is very important. It can dictate levels of engagement and the efficiency with which people respond to us. It doesn't matter where you are on the employed latter - we are always selling ourselves and trying to find ways to get people to engage with us. 

If you are worried about me being in the car please don't get too upset - the car was parked. I only wish I held my iPhone in the landscape orientation. Oh well.