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Facebook Users Don't Drink Heavy Beer!

Welcome to another episode of FDtv! Santino and I are talking about the Top 8 things that Facebook users aren't consuming in our recovering US economy. There are links in the show notes under the video if you would like to check out the article yourself. 

Question for you: Is there anything that you aren't doing since the social media wave hit? Any services or products not being used because of the effeciency created? Do you think there is any extra effeciency at all? I would love to see your answers in the comments below :) Also don't forget to like, favorite and subscribe please!! 


Vacation Do's and Don'ts

If you have been visiting you might have noticed there hasn’t been anything new. It’s because I spent a few days away. Partly for reflection but mostly for strategy. I had to remove myself from my to-do lists and tasks to recharge. So with that - clearly I failed at making a vlog every day this April, sorry VEDA’ers. (I liked vlogging though so I'm going to keep doing it if that counts) It was refreshing though and I realized that I need to make a lot of changes. This post is not for that though. What I want to talk about today is all the ridiculous things I saw this last week and how not to be trapped by them - or get taken advantage of.
1. Spending for buyings sake! So I was travelling a bit and noticed something. An airport is the perfect money trap. They lock you in a gate, force you to be early and you just sit and wait. While you are waiting in some places it can look like a shopping mall. You might not be able to find a power outlet but you sure can find a full functioning retail Blackberry store. There were loads of other retailers and food vendors that would be more than happy to help you pass the time and separate you from your funds. This lesson is all about planning and being aware of your travel spending. Spending out of boredom can be dangerous. If you’re hungry then by all means eat because you won’t be bringing too much food into the gate but please be smart about making large consumer electronics or gadget purchases inside the gate. 
2. Greedy and self interested. I don’t know if it was because I was reading The Undercover Economist or listening to my Freakonomics podcasts but while I was away I became an avid observer of the human condition. More than likely I could find someone acting irrationally greedy. What I mean is that regardless of the environment, people, or possible outcomes - people were acting with only their self interest in mind. I felt like a kid again walking through a zoo, actually it was hilarious. The lesson here is that rudeness begets rudeness. If your sense of entitlement is so strong that it has an adverse affect on anyone around you...well be prepared. Travelling is already a high stress situation for some but acting on some self appointed caste system will really make for a bad day. So as you make your travel plans for the summer not only pack more time in but be extra patient and courteous - you’d be surprised how often you’ll be rewarded for just acting like a person in a sea of vagrants. Plus you’ll have more fun watching from the sideline.
3. Avoid mental math. I have definitely said this before but it’s important to repeat. Mental math and your personal finances don’t mix. It doesn’t matter how you keep track of your spending just keep track. It makes no sense to be put time and effort into creating a budget, a travel plan, or a spending plan and that do nothing to keep you honest about it. It’s easy to consume on the fly and forget all about what you’ve spent. Keep track can help you stay under budget and out of trouble. No one likes overdraft fees or overage fees on their credit cards. I’m not saying you should be keeping and filing every receipt but you should be keeping a running tally. With the number of smartphones, apps, and even pocket notebooks like Moleskine (my favorite!!) there’s no reason that you can’t avoid mental math. Plus when you avoid mental math you make it harder to rationalize expenses and it helps curve what we just talked about in the first tip.
4. Eat smarter and stay healthy while you’re away. Meal times were probably one of the funniest things to watch while I was away. It was like some people were eating for the first and last time. Not only is the thought of a self induced carb coma hilarious but if you are travelling to a more modern locale then odds are food at any price point will probably not be hard to come by. Ohhh those buffets though, they bring out some interesting colors. Like spending for spendings sake, eating can be another compulsive behavior that we use to battle stress.  Be smart about it - no sense in feeling unhealthy while you're travelling especially when eateries might be easier to come by than clean bathrooms. Remember we aren’t hunter gatherers anymore and if you are constantly eating to the point of exhaustion then be prepared for the consequences.
I hope you liked a few of my insights while I was away. If you are planning on doing any travelling try to keep these in mind - so that someone like me won’t be watching you from a distance giggling at how maladaptive you are. It will also make for better travel and more richer experiences - like I said you can make a lot of friends people watching.

Easy High Paying Jobs

I think it's a universal to say that we all try to maximize our returns with the a minimal level of effort. That effort might be a physical laborious one, an emotional stressful one, or just a overly demanding one. In trying to find the right career or job path a few of the many things you have to balance are your passions, strengths, and sanity. So in this video Santino and I talk (loosely) about some of the "easiest" high paying jobs in the US currently. When we say easy I don't mean that just any one can do them. I understand that for most of them it could take years of courses and training. I am NOT diminishing the quality of the work - just outlining that it's not exactly heavy lifting once you are in those positions. We all have stress, some people just have to manage their stress while earning a nice paycheck and in fun conditions. 

This list was compiled by CNBC and the link to it is in the show notes. If you think you have an easy high paying job I would love to hear about it. Or if you have one of these jobs and it's the toughest thing you have ever done I would also love to hear about it. At the very least I hope the video gives you some ideas and makes you chuckle a little bit. 

Enjoy! And don't forget to share, like and subscribe! 


Is the Internet Ruining Your Brain?!

I came across this inforgraphic and had to share it. Mostly, because we can't talk about productivity without talking about the elephant in the room - it's a big, borderline billion page-network internet elephant. There have been a multitude of arguments about restricting your internet access at work. Will it help keep you focused? Or, are you showing signs of depression beacuse of your forced break in conneciton with the rest of the world?! This infographic does a pretty neat job of showing you what the internet is actually doing to your brain. If you are an employer it can be a delicate dance juggling internet access with trying to get the most out of your employees. 

Take a look at the infographic and then reflect about your own personal use. I can honestly say that there are times with the web definitely eats up more time then it should - actually costing me productivity and dollars. I'm working on it though :) 

Do you think you can curb your habbits to make yourself more productive? If being on the web is your job I would love to hear about how you keep yourself on task and focused? 

Save & Close


Facebook buys Instagram for $1 Billion

You thought I forgot about you! I made a video today but was just really late to edit. Here it is though all about the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook. It's even under three minutes. If you like it make sure you like, subscribe and heck even share! Thanks for supporting me during Vlog Everyday April..even though I've missed a day or two :)